Are you a carer?

There is a wealth of information on NHS Choices about carers and caring.

  • A guide to care and support – Information for carers and people who have care and support needs.
  • Caring for someone – Advice on providing care, medicines etc.
  • Care after hospital – Providing care for people who have been recently discharged from hospital.
  • Taking a break – Caring for someone can be a full-time job, but it’s essential that you take time out for yourself too. Read our guide to accessing breaks and respite.
  • Support and benefits for carers – Caring for someone can be a full-time job – find out about accessing breaks and respite care.
  • Work and disability – Guidance, support and help with employment issues.
  • Being a young carer – Advice for carers 18 or under and their entitlement to support.

Finance and law

Help claiming benefits, looking after your bank balance and understanding the legal issues of caring.

  • Benefits for carers – Directing carers to the benefits that can help them in their caring role.
  • Benefits for the under 65s – Advice and information on helping the person you look after get the benefits that they are entitled to.
  • Benefits for the over 65s – Advice and information on financial support for older people with a disability or illness.
  • Carer’s assessment – How your benefits maybe affected after the death of the person you look after and what happens to their benefits.
  • Other benefits – Advice for carers and the people they are looking after on claiming a whole host of other benefits unrelated to their disability or caring.